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Rebel Heart super deluxe - design review

     Ok so madonnatribe and a couple of fans published today the physical album artwork for Madonna's Rebel Heart and I was pleasantly surprised by the most expected version, the super deluxe, announced to be released in digipack. Yea, cardboard is what digipack is, and a lot of fans were disappointed. Frankly so was I and I still am a bit, seeing how the deluxe jewelcase worked beautifuly for MDNA, I really have no idea why they went for a digipack this time. However, the finished product is not what anyone expected and some fans reconsidered their position after they saw it. Usually 2CD digipacks find themselves in a pretty simple packing design, and everything usually unfolds in a single line. Well this particular digipack pleasantly surprised me because it unfolds in a symetric way that is pretty nice to look at. 

     So, from the overall design point of view, this digipack is pretty awesomely folded as you can see in the pictures below published on madonnatribe. However it has a few downsides. 

- the CDs included are not quite what I would go for. All three release versions of this album feature quite simple CD artwork for my taste

- the super deluxe has no booklet. There's nothing really to miss about it this time as the booklet featured by the other versions have almost the same images printed on this one's cardboard and the name of the songs. There are no credits and, bummer, no lyrics as we already got used to for some while.

- when you're gonna listen to the CD's you better have a bigger place than usual to unfold this digipack cause you surely don't wanna ruin it

- to my disappointment it doesn't contain the famous front cover image issued for the deluxe version. 

     Considering all this, if I were to grade this issue I would give it a 8,5 for the actual design plus 0.5 for the folding design, that'll be an overall 9. Well I'll be getting my own digipack pretty soon, I'm very excited and thrilled. I think the biggest loss for this album and quite a few previous ones is the lack of lyrics. I could do without all the artwork or credits and get a few pages with lyrics instead. If you remember Ray of light, there were plenty pics in the booklet to go side by side with the lyrics and plenty room to have credits as well. 

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