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Rezultatul Eurovision - o mare porcarie

     Toate asteptarile si previziunile au fost spulberate aseara la finalul concursului Eurovision cand Azerbaijanul a luat locul intai. Presupun ca Jedward se zgarie pe ochi, desi sincer prestatia lor live, atat vocal cat si prin prisma miscarii… more »

Blue is a pathetic band

     Blue is a 90's boy band that had 2 released studio albums and split in 2004 after only 3 years of existance on the music scene.      "The band decided to split after Elton John suggested that their popularity was decreasing and that they… more »

Belgium - Amazing vocals for Eurovision

      Belgium has for this year a hot and awesome vocal group to amaze us with a blend of vintage and beat boxing which they do very well as you can see in the above rehearsal clip from the Eurovision stage. I am convinced they should be gettin the… more »