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Eurovision in concert 2014 - wins and fails

     Eurovision in concert. Always the perfect time to either score a win with the audience or a big fail. Which some of the contestants this year did either to my disappointment or to my joy for those I just couldn't stand to begin with. 

     I do admit that every year these recordings come a bit dry on the voice. There is clearly echo or other voice fx goin around the room but the recording itself strips most of those out giving us an idea of what the real capabilities of the singer are. Sometimes honestly it's not even the singer's fault really. When u sing a ballad in the studio where u barely whisper and shit, there's hardly gonna be anything similarly great on stage especially if you simply don't have a personalized setup. Eurovision in concert is NOT an unplugged setting. Bummer. 

     So the biggest fail this year comes from the so called favorite, mr. Homophobic Aram MP3 who had to first bare boo-ing from the audience then he had to manage singing. Which...didn't go very well. The slow ballad part of the song was sung too low I could barely hear his voice. Then the second part he was singing like a which with a bad case of stomach ache, sitting on the toillet trying to squeeze out a broom. Eurovision youtube channel cut out the boo-ing parts so there are two videos below, one to better hear him sing and the second one with the boo-ing. 

     Another kind of fail came from the spanish singer who just had to throw a tantrum, shouting as loud as she could and throwing her hair up and down like mad. Woooo hold your horses. If you do the same in the actual contest you're bound to scare not only the people but break something. Like the speakers.

     Another big fail was "Silent storm". Yea the shit is all nice and melancholic and all touchy...when recorded in the studio. On stage the fluffy guy seemed to be meowing the first part like his mommy took his milk. Lame. 

     Conchita had a few minor flops in her interpretation but overall it was really good. I was also very impressed by Moldova's singer. Now that was almost flawless. Hersi also sounded great on stage. She had a bit of help on the chorus with the added voices but hey the rest was fabulous. San Marino's singer was pretty good as well. 

     Paula Seling lost her breath at that looooong note and when she finally took the last high note it was the wrong one. Why would you chose to sing such a long part if u simply can't hold it enough? So that particular part in the live video was a fake? Cause the rest is surely live, so I wonder. 

     Now for those who agree that "Cake to bake" is the retarded song of the century, if you think the studio version is a big pile of crap, wait till you hear the live version. It's like a mental hospital bunch of friends who ran out of their medicine. Wooopeedooooo...

     Remember I kept wondering if Tijana would realy be able to sing that song live?. Well...kinda. With some help from the background vocals and stuff. Will she be allowed to have all that help during the actual contest? Remains to be seen. 

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