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Eurovision in concert 2014 - wins and fails

     Eurovision in concert. Always the perfect time to either score a win with the audience or a big fail. Which some of the contestants this year did either to my disappointment or to my joy for those I just couldn't stand to begin with.     … more »

My Eurovision 2014 top 15

     Yes, this is a pure display of my personal tastes for this year's Eurovision competition. For the romanians that might read this, if you don't know at least this much english you don't belong on the internet.      Why a top 15 and not a top… more »

We have a bitch ass president, BUT we're spreading the love!

     Now that would have sounded way better in the voice of a standup comedian but eh..what can you do. So basically that's like cumming in someone's face and then you just say "you better like that red eye bitch cause it's just spreading the love". Yea… more »