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The BEST won! Conchita with her trophy

     I couldn't be more glad for this awesome outcome. No it's not cause it's a gay person, no it's not cause it's an oddity, and no it's not wrong. Conchita won for all the right reasons. I have heard bitching all around especially from people who say… more »

Moldova a cantat execrabil la Eurovision

     Cristina Scarlat si echipa din spatele ei au dat-o in bara puternic la Eurovision. In primul si in primul rand am ramas socat cat de prost a putut sa cante in seara semifinalei ceea ce i-a adus si un rezultat in consecinta mai ales ca de altfel… more »

Eurovision in concert 2014 - wins and fails

     Eurovision in concert. Always the perfect time to either score a win with the audience or a big fail. Which some of the contestants this year did either to my disappointment or to my joy for those I just couldn't stand to begin with.     … more »