Yahoo fucks up another good project

     At this point, it seems to me that paying any ammount of attention to any yahoo project is a total waste of time. They have been discontinuing their projects prematurely for a while now, beginning with yahoo360 and then with yahoo profiles that have been changed 3 times already and probably the current version won't harvest too many flees till it goes back to the drawing board or even extinct. To be honest yahoo profile page is both useless and butt-ugly anyway.

     Same thing happened last month with yahoo widgets, a great piece of software that was very well received by users since it was the best alternative to any desktop sidebar. Yahoo widgets not only brought an easy install and a very friendly to use interface, it also featured it's own website where programmers enthusiasm brought users hundreds of awesome and cool widgets.

     But since Yahoo already proved that no wonder can last for too long, they discontinued the yahoo widgets project and website starting 11 of april 2012. Yahoo webmasters must be severely infected with boredom and stupidity, otherwise i cannot understand why anyone would denounce a great software like that. No other widgets could be downloaded from that point on but you can still download and install the basic package from this link and the software will still work. Yahoo behaved just like a child that got bored with his toy and threw it in the garbage can.

     Initially called Konfabulator, the software was aquired by Yahoo back in 2005 and, doing the math, abandoned after 7 years. The yahoo 360 project wasn't so lucky and long lasting. Oddly enough, it was also started in 2005 but was called off after only 3 years in 2008. If the boredom disease will get worse, I wouldn't be surprised if Yahoo will one day discontinue their messenger services, or even shut down completely.

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