The perfume bottle matters!

     Ok so it seems some #perfumers or #perfume brands to be more exact have the distinct but shitty impression that if they say simplicity is the most effective, they should blindly apply it to perfume bottles design. The most shitty thing about this trend is the c h e a p, crappy and annoying reinterpretations of the CHANEL bottle. Yves Rocher joined in on the trend remaking lots of their perfume bottles like that. Even Novellista, which is, from what I understand, a new brand, made it's bottles very similar to YvesRocher ones.

     Let's see which brands also feel the need to treat their bottles like sheep. Well there's Dolce & Gabbana with "The One" or Karl Lagerfeld who probably thought he would get away with it by adding some kinda ring at the base of the cap and so on. Plus all the tons of bottles that are whichever type of tall or short brick just with all sorta different caps.
     It's all starting to be really...really annoying. Perfume bottles matter. The perfume itself really needs to be "worn" on a visible bookshelf or near a boudoir mirror and it needs to look spicy, sexy, intriguing.
Just a few examples of bottles that incite are Le Male or Le Beau from Jean Paul Gaultier or Mugler's Alien. If you want somethin simple but making a statement get inspired by Dior's Fahrenheit
     Another well known brand which chose simplicity without being dull is TOM FORD who's perfume bottles are reinterpretations of the old pharmacy bottles. You can always strip the brand name and perfume name off a Fahrenheit or a Tom Ford perfume and people will easily recognise it. But if you have a clean bottle of Yves Rocher and a Novellista you will definitely get confused.
     Which other perfume bottles do you think have become easily recognizable over time? Drop a comment below.

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