Romanian referee - racist or plain dumb?

     I've heard the way the referee pointed out the black guy in question. He said, in romanian, "that black guy there". Unfortunately our word for everything black and mainly anything with that color (paint, hair, clothes etc) is "negru" We could also all hear the other party involved clearly hearing something else. Coltescu clearly used the word "negru" but the first thing the others heard was "n e g r o" and that set everything on fire. But let's point out some very important things and facts that put all this under a different perspective.
1. FACT - The romanian referee DID repeat the words he used to point to the guy in question three times. Although "negru" means "black" and NOT a racist n-word, we can have a reasonable doubt that Coltescu might be a bit racist. After all, gypsies, who have a darker skin tone are the "cause" for a pretty widespread xenophobia in Romania.
2. FACT - Romania was NOT one of the countries that had black slaves. We were never taught to consider other races inferior. We can't say the same for the US, UK or France though and certainly we all know the degree of xenophobia generated by Germans against Jews which ended with crimes against humanity. 
3. FACT - How about the shit promoted in French media against Romanians? "What is the Romanian salute? S'il vous plait monsieur!" How about the shit #CharlieHebdo did against Simona Halep? "„Une roumaine remporte Roland Garros Feraille! Feraille" Erdogan has the nerve to speak out against something that most certainly was NOT blatant racism when his country oppressed us for decades and decades and even now they don't have the best attitude concerning human rights?
4. FACT - Westerners are so educated and knowledgeable that they ignore any fact whatsoever and consider us all gypsies just because they had a run-in with what we have to face all the time with them in our borders. They screamed for years at us about discriminating the gypsies but when citizens could roam free and they came to see first hand what the gypsies are capable of, they put their ugly masks on as quick as lightning.
Our dictionary and the very nature of football, which implies lately a wide range of nationalities among players from all teams, makes me say with a big degree of certainty this is not a case of racism. It's as usual lack of education, especially in the context of the immense #politicalcorrectness growth. HOWEVER
5. FACT - The black guy who was "offended" kept attacking the referee complaining CLEARLY about the use of "that black guy". So pretty quickly he UNDERSTOOD the word was NOT "n e g r o" This surely points out a very disturbing trend among people of color. They suddenly dislike the word "black" too. One sole argument - why don't they turn against the #blacklivesmatter movement's name too? Some are just pretending to be called #afroamerican Ok, fine, what if the person is born in France though? Should we call them #afrofrench?
Seriously, the political correctness crap is getting out of hand:
- IT chapter2 features a completely UNNECESSARY opening with a gay couple being assaulted by some young men at the fair then one of the guys killed by the clown
- apparently Ariel the mermaid has to be black
- they couldn't stand the name of that old book with the n-word in it's title. The owners of the book rights themselves changed the name
- now they want agent 007 to be a woman. Maybe black too. And lesbian. Vegan too???
- they want Anne Boleyn played by a black woman. Boleyn was a very well historic figure and was white. There's nothing racist about it, just a damn fact
- they got upset over the fact a movie director thought casting a trans person as Juliette was not really appropriate because of simple innocence nuances the character must posses
- Marvel is trying their best to introduce us to clear lesbian superheroes and for now to innuendos about the gay ones
- gender identity is slowly turning in some sort of obsession and some who made it into a whole gender-ideology are trying to teach it from kindergarten.
     THIS is NOT the right way to fight against discrimination. Pushing people's faces abruptly and violently in things in a propagandistic kinda way is the WRONG approach. Just like demanding public services and now even some private ones to have persons from any kind of minority hired even if they might be less qualified than someone more fitting, just because the one more qualified isn't black, gay, Hispanic or whatever.
     Various occult interests have UNDOUBTEDLY turned #politicalcorrectness into a WEAPON and it's creating a LOT of real violence because people most times do need to be forced to learn the right way but they can't feel like they're being turned into vicious criminals.
     Is Coltescu a racist referee? In a logical opinion, absolutely not. Is he a dumbass that should have learned how to properly address people of color or other ethnic origins when he's on the job? Yea, he's clearly a dumbass.
     BUT: The other team leaving the field was nothing else but a hysteric way of handling things. It was a referee, not a member of the other team. Also, let's seriously NOT accept human rights lessons from the French or Turks.

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