Brigitte Bardot isi arata iar basinile

     N-am scris nimic despre cumplita tragedie in urma careia un copil nevinovat de 4 ani si-a pierdut viata pentru ca n-am stiut pur si simplu ce s-ar mai putea spune. Nesimtirea e mare, ong-urile fura de rup, politicienii au mai gasit o ocazie sa se contreze unul pe altul, primarul general pisa ochii la teveu, iar babele retardate isi arata coltii iar la oricine ar atenta la javrele pe care le iubesc mai mult decat pe semenii lor. 

     Altii n-au scris fiindca e nasol. Au avut ordin de la finantatorii pedelisti sa nu deschida clontu. 

     Si cum nu era de ajuns ca am fost practic intoxicat de aparitia individei aleia scelerate de la cutu cutu, si fie vorba intre noi chiar nu stiu la ce s-ar astepta cineva de la o asociatie care s-a denumit cutu cutu, mai apare in pieisaj si Sfrijitte Bardot care miorlaie o scrisoare deschisa catre Basescu. 

    Conform basismului intitulat hot news, baba asta basinoasa isi incepe scrisoarea spunand:

""In urma cu cateva zile, un copil de 4 ani, ranit de un caine, a murit in lipsa ingrijilor in urma ranilor suferite. In fata acestei drame teribile, tin sa imi exprim infinita tristete si gandurile mele se indreapta inainte de toate catre familia sa. Insa sunt, de asemenea, extrem de socata sa aflu ca o razbunare, care nu isi are locul, se va abate asupra tuturor cainilor din Romania, chiar si a celor cei mai blanzi"

     Cucoana asta sfrijita si nebuna are un tupeu extraordinar sa arunce in spatiul public o astfel de afirmatie fara sa se informeze ca baiatul era deja mort si NU lipsa ingrijirilor a fost cauza. Nu pot decat s-o calific drept o baba imbecila in conditiile astea. Iar cel care a dezinformat-o e o jigodie sinistra.

     In conditiile astea tin sa-i adresez si eu o scrisoare deschisa babei senile. (scrisoare postata pe feisbucu organizatiei de lins catei in cur a individei si trimisa prin intermediul mesageriei private)


This is a letter directed to you Brigitte Bardot from a concerned citizen of Romania, disgusted by your letter to the romanian president concerning the latest incident where a dog killed a 4 yo boy.

You are both senile and misinformed. The boy did NOT die from the lack of medical care following the injuries, he died long before the medical team arrived because he was brutally attacked by 5 dogs and his body including the HEAD was severely bitten.

Secondly, concerning what we do in OUR country to protect OUR human citizens is well within our rights. There is no way a sane individual would and should ever put the life of a dog above the life of a human.

There are about 60 000 stray dogs in the capital only, people are already unable to even walk to the market without having fear that some demented dog could attack and bite. The parks are filled with them and they approach people who sit on benches. Children are unable to play on the grass not to mention play hide and seek, being in danger of finding a number of dogs that sit in the bushes. Walking out of my block of flats after 11pm might prove hazardous.

In these conditions, what bothered me most about your "open letter" was the absolutely disgusting intro that showed a malicious misinformation on the matter. To simply put it out there that it was the lack of medical care that actually killed the boy is a stupid thing to say when you clearly did not get your information from the right sources.

You are no different from the hundreds of senile retarded old women that shout and even throw objects at anyone daring to touch the dogs they feed around the neighbourhood but they NEVER directly care for as they refuse to take them inside their own houses if they love them so much.

If you think France is in a deficit of dogs, by all means take them all and shove them up your french asses. You are most welcome to shove them all inside ur house or build a 60 000 dog town if you have no better things to do in ur old age.

Make no mistake, the next time a young boy or girl will be killed by stray dogs, the people will rebel and kill them all. There are already people who poison them because we simply can't take it anymore.

I bet none of ur relatives was ever killed by a dog. You can frankly take ur dogs and shove em up ur ass because we are fed up with it. You are a has been and a wrinkled old woman with no better things to do and you are NOT to command on what we do or not.

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