Blue is a pathetic band

     Blue is a 90's boy band that had 2 released studio albums and split in 2004 after only 3 years of existance on the music scene.

     "The band decided to split after Elton John suggested that their popularity was decreasing and that they should concentrate on their solo careers." That is the smartest most decent thing i heard that man say. Basically they weren't all that good to begin with as most people were goin crazy after bands like Backstreet or Westlife. But that is less important.

     England mostly throws stupid songs in the eurovision contest. It seems that Blue decided to make a comback this year in january by entering "I can" in the competition. The song is not so different from what boy bands did years ago, the band members oddly don't look any different and they drove me nuts with the same boy band movements. In my opinion this boy band's value, as well as the value of many other similar bands is zero or below. Proven along the time as best thing for everyone involved was SPLITTING. 

     Bruno Mars is an awesome newcomer in music. Blue have revealed they are working with him and also Ne-Yo for this comeback album. They also declared that the outcome of the eurovision contest will not affect them in any way and that they are "all fully committed to this band again".

     Doesn't that scream "boredom" or "desperate for attention" to u?

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