Cum se cheama un astfel de blogger?

     Cu ocazia campaniei pentru alegeri si a alegerilor prezidentiale mi-am dat seama cata mizerie, prostie, papagalism si jigodism exista in Romania. Mi-am dat seama ca unii sunt extrem de prosti, altii sunt extrem de mizerabili si rai, sau poate ambele. Mi-am mai dat seama ca internetul si facebook-ul sunt niste medii pline de oameni platiti, extrem de ranchiunosi si bolnavi moral. In orice combinatie si forma, logic nu toti sunt platiti si nu toti sunt prosti.

     Acum ceva vreme descopeream blogul lui Sebastian Bargau. Un om, un motociclist, definit de pasiunea lui, cu mult talent la a scrie texte lungi si a acapara atentia cu opinii de mare bun simt despre suficient de multe subiecte importante atat social cat si politic. 

    Cu ocazia campaniei electorale aveam sa aflu ca omul care publica pe facebook nenumarate fotografii si postari legate de motociclete, de mancare, de excursii, de familie, s-a transformat in omul care posta injurii si jigniri aproape ora de ora la adresa psdistilor, postacilor, a lui Ponta etc. Un om care parea inteligent si tolerant, ba chiar sustinator al pluralismului de idei, s-a transformat brusc in cineva cu care nu puteai sa ai o discutie de bun simt pe tema politica a momentului daca nu erai de acord cu el. 

     Bun, ok, nu esti in stare sa concepi ca exista oameni care au suficienta minte incat sa nu fie influentati de televiziuni, esti destul de rau intentionat incat sa nu vezi ca de fapt problemele sunt cauzate de politicieni si ca legile nu sunt facute nici de rtv nici de antena3. Bun, te apuca dracii ca-ti insulta cineva satra motociclistilor. 

     Cum se cheama insa bloggerul care din dorinta de a-l ataca pe Badea pe blog scrie asta?

     "Eşti şi tu cineva doar când strigă doamna mă-ta: Cineva să ducă gunoiul afară! Iniţial te sperii, crezând că maică-ta vorbeşte cu nevastă-ta şi că e vorba despre tine, şi nu înţelegi de ce să te ducă afară. Dar apoi te prinzi şi te simţi mândru."

     Eu nu vreau sa gasesc epitete pentru astfel de oameni. Mie mi se pare ca se jigneste singur. Internetul, acum dovedit, ca totusi imbecili cu totii nu suntem, a fost influentat masiv de o sleatca de postaci. D-aia pe bune, platiti de pedelisti. Pe langa intentiile bune, opiniile absolut valabile despre o groaza de subiecte, Bargau capitalizeaza imagine atacand in acest hal pe Badea pentru simplul fapt ca in realitate Badea a pierdut intr-un meci jegos cu un campion multinational la Muai Tai si in acelasi timp bine antrenat in kempo. A pierdut fiindca nu a practicat acest sport, golanesc judecand dupa genul de lovituri, si dupa ce in repriza a doua a primit un sut cu multa ura dat in spinare care l-a facut sa renunte. Da, Badea infrant de un campion sportiv in lupte care ii dadea cu o ura groteasca. 

     Da poate nu s-a inteles unde e problema si nu e prima data cand se exprima in felul asta. Cum sa scrii asa ceva?  "Eşti şi tu cineva doar când strigă doamna mă-ta: Cineva să ducă gunoiul afară!"

     Mi-e mila de talentul real al lui Bargau care se injoseste scriind astfel de mizerii. Ataca dom'le antenele pana iti cade paru, ataca-l pe Badea, da' iarta-ma daca cineva cu bun simt considera ca injurand sau folosind expresii cu trimitere la mama cuiva e o metoda morala de a critica pe cineva inseamna ca s-a dus dracului tot. 

     Oare cine, acum mai multi ani de zile cand scria golaneste pe blog si acum ar vrea ca toti sa ne facem ca era pixelul albastru, a folosit aceeasi expresie tot intr-un atac adresat lui Badea? Domnu zoso, desigur. Apai nu stiu, o fi vreun trend involutiv ceva...

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  • Rebel Heart - Most iconic songs on an album

         Madonna's brand new album Rebel Heart made huge waves with probably one of the biggest leaks in music history which in a hasty tantrum was called "artistic rape" and "terrorism" by the artist. What makes it even more odd was the fact that even after the arrest of the supposedly hacker, a few weeks before the sheduled release, the full album leaked once more in finished form on the internet. 

         Sales aren't going that great, they suposedly dropped hugely in the second week after the release, making the album drop in sales chart right down to 21st place. The culprit might be the leaks or simply Madonna's desire to always keep in touch with modern music which, ever since American Life album, has proven to alienate a lot of her 90's earned fans. A lot of fans over the past recent years have been saying over and over again that they really prefer the True Blue - Ray of light era over these experiments as they call them.

         Well if Hard Candy and especially MDNA had a lot of misfit songs to go around, I was amazed at Rebel Heart for bringing us the most iconic songs on an album ever. With an grand total of 25 songs released it was bound to happen. Not even MDNA's deluxe edition, released also on two discs packed this many songs, having only 17 total. 

         Madonna revealed in an interview she actually wrote about 40 songs from which she had to chose. Considering that over 30 of them leaked online, the decision to release so many songs on an album was probably based on fans expectations. Upon hearing the first 13 leaks I was less than impressed. Bad quality sound and blatant unfinished song tracking combined with the obvious desire for new sound and composition experimenting made me really disappointed at first thinking this would be even worse than the B-day song from MDNA. 

         Madonna soon gave fans a reason to expect a great release once Ghosttown leaked in it's finished form revealing one of the most iconic tracks in Madonna's career. It was also pretty soon taken as a perfect anthemic song for the lgbt comunity and soon after more intriguing leaks came into public view. Brand new polished Illuminati began a pile of controverse. Madonna didn't let the momentum die out and rolled out the first single. Living for love along side it's awesome video and important live performances raised more and more fans interest and appreciation. 

        There have been a lot of crazy going on as well that frankly displeased some of the fans. 

    - album was released in three versions for absolutely no good reason. The so called less adult looking cover of the standard edition, considering the deluxe 19 tracks one has Madonna with naked shoulders, simply makes no sense since explicit content tracks are still inside on the disc. Fans also complained about the fact the standard version was missing the song that gave the album's name. 

    - a grand total of 25 tracks were indeed released however the super deluxe does not feature them at all, instead having two remixes for Living for love. Queen and Autotune baby have been released as bonus tracks only in two countries which also gave fans good reason to be unsatisfied

    - the news that the super deluxe will be released as a digipack with no booklet came also as a shock. However after the actual release, a lot of fans including myself realised almost all the pics were imprinted on the digipack's insides and the packing itself really has an appealing design. Fans who bought or saw the unboxing said they fully reconsidered and that the digipack is really awesome. 

    - probably wanting to spite the leaks or simply because Madonna's song producers wanted it so, some of the songs were changed beyond recognition and not always in a good way. What is worst in my opinion is that one of the most iconic songs on the album Beautiful scars, was made into sounding more like a chill-remix. S.E.X. also sounds more like a remix compared to the demo version. Other songs like Borrowed time or Inside out kept their original blueprint but a lot of the instrumentation changed. Borrowed time for instance sounds more mellow than the demo version. 

    - the rapping on some of the songs, by Chance and NAS, wasn't really well received by some fans and with good reason. Fans listen to Madonna for a reason, not many of them fancy rapping. 

         Even so, most of the album's songs were polished beautifully proving to have an awesome evolution compared to their demo versions. Songs like Borrowed time, Inside out and Beautiful scars were greatly appreciated in both demo and finished form while S.E.X. was pretty much ditched alltoghether, although I'd say the final version is really not that bad. 

         In conclusion, counting strong messaging throughout the album, it is most fair to say this album has the most iconic songs ever gathered on a Madonna release: Living for love, Ghosttown, Joan of Arc, Make the devil pray, Inside out, Beautiful scars, Rebel Heart, Wash all over me, Messiah, Iconic, Illuminati, Grafitti heart. 

         At least for me, this album gave me the incentive after many many years to be interested and also pleasantly surprised by Madonna's awesome live performances on Living for love, Joan of Arc and Ghosttown. On Ghosttown we recently saw a great live performance where Madonna was accompanied on guitar by Taylor Swift. You can watch the video here.

         Also after many years I really loved one of her music videos. Living for love video is breathtaking, really well directed and meaningful and we are prommised another great video coming soon for Ghosttown. I'm also really hoping and looking forward to a very interesting one for Illuminati. 

         By no means ditching the others, I'd say Madonna has the best wardrobe I've seen yet. I am very impressed especially by her matador style outfits. Alongside some of MDNA's costumes, in my humble opinion these are the best costumes she's had in years. 

         Below you have a selection of lyrics I found most representative, meaningful and inspiring. 

           Living for love

    Took me to heaven and let me fall down
    Now that it's over
    I'm gonna carry on
    Lifted me up, and watched me stumble
    After the heartache, I'm gonna carry on
    Living for love
    I'm not giving up
    I'm gonna carry on
    Not gonna stop
    Love's gonna lift me up


    Maybe it was all too much
    Too much for a man to take
    Everything's bound to break
    Sooner or later, sooner or later

    You're all that I can trust
    Facing the darkest days
    Everyone ran away
    But we're gonna stay here, we're gonna stay here

    When it all falls, when it all falls down

    I'll be your fire when the lights go out

    When there's no one, no one else around

    We'll be two souls in a ghost town

         Joan of Arc

    Each time they take a photograph
    I lose a part I can't get back
    I wanna hide, this is the part where I dettach
    Each time they write a hateful word
    Dragging my soul into the dirt
    I wanna die
    Never admit it but it hurts

    I don't wanna talk about it right now
    Just hold me while I cry my eyes out
    I'm not Joan of Arc, not yet
    But I'm in the dark, yeah
    I can't be a superhero right now
    Even hearts made out of steel can break down

    I'm not Joan of Arc, not yet

    I'm only human

    One little lie can rule my day
    Words are like weapons they betray
    When I am afraid, one word of kindness it can save me

         Inside out 

    Hold me closer, full disclosure
    Let it out, let me in
    On your knees, confess to me
    Every doubt, every sin
    That’s how love’s supposed to be

    I wanna know what you’re all about
    You’re beautiful when you’re broken down
    Let your walls crumble to the ground
    Let me love you from the inside out

    Every scar that you try to hide
    All the dark corners of your mind
    Show me yours, and I’ll show you mine
    Let me love you from the inside out

         Beautiful scars

    Just take me with all my stupid flaws
    Changing me's like shooting in the dark
    Patience, please, I'll never be as perfect as you want me to
    Believe me, I want it just as bad
    Forgive me, wish I could change the past
    Take it, cause, I'll never be as perfect as you want

    I think you're confusing me with somebody else
    I won't apologize for being myself

    Take me with all of my beautiful scars
    I love you the way that you are
    I come to you with all my flaws
    With all my beautiful scars

         Rebel Heart

    I've lived my life like a masochist
    Hearing my father say,
    'Told you so, told you so!
    Why can't you be like the other girls?'
    I said, 'Oh no, that's not me
    And I don't think that it'll ever be'


    Thought I belong to a different tribe
    Walking alone, never satisfied, satisfied
    Trying to fit in but it wasn't me
    I said, 'Oh no, I want more
    That's not what I'm looking for'


    So I took the road less traveled by
    And I barely made it out alive
    Through the darkness somehow I survived
    Tough love, I knew it from the start
    Deep down in the depth
    Of my rebel heart

         Grafitti heart

    If graffiti on the wall changed anything at all
    Then it would be illegal
    If scars could go away
    What would your body say
    Don't ever hide your feelings

    Ohh don't ever try to take my freedom
    Ohh your imperfections, this world needs them

    What do you got, show me your Basquiat
    He didn't keep it all to himself
    Even with Keith out on the street, he died fighting
    So you can do it as well

    Love is paint and paint is art
    Show me your graffiti heart
    Love is paint and paint is art
    Show me your graffiti heart

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  • Cine minte? KanalD sau TopShop?

         Carmen sau Camelia Balaban, casnica? O intrebare la care mi-ar placea un raspuns mai ales din partea KanalD. Cine minte? Cei de la Te vreau langa mine? Sau cei de la TopShop in reclama la Pest Repeller? Nu de alta, ca ambii se dau ca fiind distribuitori de informatii veritabile, nu de minciuni si regii de platou ieftine. 

         Acum nu de mult a existat in platoul emisiunii Te vreau langa mine patronata de Gabriela Cristea, o duduie de 52 de ani, chipurile pe nume Carmen, care-si cauta jumatatea. A plecat de cateva saptamani bune si tzoc poc apare in reclama la Pest Repeller. Ce-mi vad mie ochii pe ecran? "Camelia Balaban". Ai da-ma drecu! Logic, ar spune poate cei de la KanalD, femeia a dorit sa nu-si dea numele real si avea un pseudonim. Bine, si? In reclama de la TopShop si l-a dat p-ala real? Uite d-aia n-are ursu coada si cred eu cu destule argumente ca ambii mint de ingheata apele. 

         Cu balivernele celor de la teleshopping m-am obisnuit de mult. Minciuni peste minciuni, babe care citesc de pe cartoane, vindecari miraculoase de dureri si tigai in care poti da cu ciocanu. Da' atat timp cat exista prosti, teleshoppingul merge. 

         Insa cei de la KanalD nu era de ajuns ca erau campioni la emisiuni false, de-alde Ochii din umbra si Pe banii parintilor, acum au tinut musai sa demonstreze chiar din sezonul trecut, ca si emisiunea Te vreau langa mine a ajuns un fel de loc de practica pentru actorasi de teatru comunal. Hai, prima data am zis ok, ii ia si pe ei ca tot sunt la indemana si-i pune sa joace roluri prin celelalte emisiuni. Insa atunci cand o reclama ce pretinde a nu fi mincinoasa afiseaza cu totul alt nume si infatisare pentru aceeasi femeie, e clar ca cineva sigur minte, daca nu cumva amandoi. 

         Pana la urma diferentele intre primele sezoane si ani ai acestei emisiuni si sezoanele din care a inceput s-o prezinte Gabriela Cristea sunt mai mult decat clare. Daca la inceput existau mai curand mai multi concurenti in varsta care nu se dadeau chiar intr-atat in spectacol, si pentru care veneau destul de rar, uneori existand zile in care nu era nici un paravan, iar concurentii nu stateau in platou la nesfarsit, ei bine acum e un balamuc total. Exista si 3, 4 paravane pe zi, concurentii sunt mereu filmati ca se cearta sau barfesc (deh, obiceiurile de la Nora pentru mama mor greu), aproape toti concurentii sunt tineri si au inceput sa fie din ce in ce mai multi cei care se dau in spectacol, refuzurile sunt pe banda rulanta, caterinca e mai presus de seriozitate, Gabriela gaseste mereu ocazii sa faca pe psihologul si cei care vin la paravan au ce sa vezi mereu o poveste de viata cu o despartire cam nasoala, iarasi ocazie pentru psihologia de doi lei a Gabrielei. 

         In aceste conditii ma intreb daca relatia cu Tavi e reala sau nu. Ce, nu s-au mai casatorit unii doar pentru show? Gabriela Cristea joaca acum rol de Bianca pentru KanalD? Poate nu s-a ajuns intr-atat de jos cu nivelul. 

         Oricum mie mi-e clar de mai de multa vreme ca emisiunea e regizata. Tinerii fac audienta, scandalul si cearta clar fac audienta, motiv pentru care de cand s-a pornit in stilul asta se dau pauze de publicitate cu tona. Niculina Stoican si producatorii de atunci se chinuiau sa aduca diverse vedete ca sa umple emisiunea iar acum e plin de paravane de cand a venit Gabriela. Ai du-te dom'le si lasa minciunelele ca put de la distanta. (mooning)

         Aici gasiti si linkul catre reclama

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